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Finds cover images for your
catalogue / e-commerce.

  • gain up your selling by improving quality of your product pages
  • finds instantly covers and informations of your products:
  • use it for your periodic updates or for large amounts of image-less product in tour catalogue
  • Easy-to-use web interface
    using CovFinder® is as simple as trying it: open your browser and just upload a data sheet (Excel®, OpenOffice...) with your product's information, CovFinder® will process it and get back to you with an easy-to-read Web report (compatibile with all browsers, also mobile).
  • Best for your e-commerce
    CovFinder® makes your life so much more easy: no more time wasted surfing the web copying/pasting cover images or informations for your products: just ask CovFinder®.
  • Catalougue Connector
    You dedice how to use informations collected by CovFinder®: you can download them o just let them get to your own e-commerce/e-catalogue, using Catalogue Connector, a customized and safe software that puts CovFinder® to your e-commerce system. Ask us how it is possibile.
CovFinder® is developed and manteined by ITC Network, a System Integration company located in Stradella (ITALY): an advanced IT consultant that develops innovative solutions for high value business.
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